Summer event
You can get:
+40% DP (Silk) by PayPal
+40% DP (Silk) by SMS
+50% DP (Silk) by Bitcoin
-Increased expensive lottery item rate (Job) by 70%
-Increased alchemy rate by 20%
-Reputation calculation multiplier is 3 (x3 more Reputation at the end of the day)
-Roll the Dice event in every 3 hours

Share this post to win a Forgotten world weapon (Lv90 Seal of Sun). We will randomly select 2 winners.

Facebook link

Event period: Aug. 29 - 31

EXTRA: If you invite a friend and he/she achieve the maximum level (90), both accounts will be rewarded with 300 DP!
Posted at 29.08.2017.
Update 2017 of August
Please download the latest client from here!

-Weapon coupon (Can be exchanged to lv90 Seal of Sun A type weapons, skill and stat reset)
-Advanced elixir can be purchased from item mall
-Force skills nerfed from 80% to 50%
-Vigor nerfed from 25% to 20%
-Moving speed scrolls fixed
-Honor points added to Lottery ticket
-DRA type sun weapons can be obtained from grade 1 and 2 Forgotten world final boss
-DRB type sun weapons can be obtained from grade 3 and 4 Forgotten world final boss

Posted at 28.07.2017.
Weekend event (July 29 - July 30)
-Increased Lottery win rate
-Increased alchemy rate
+25% Silk(DP) if you pay by PayPal
-Roll the dice events, doubled reputation points

Posted at 28.07.2017.
Reputation update
Posted at 23.07.2017.
Weekend event (July 21 - July 23)
Buy DP for Bitcoin and receive +50% more
+10% Lottery (Job)
+5% Alchemy
Various summoning events

Posted at 20.07.2017.
-You can get D9 advanced elixirs from Lottery ticket (Job) and Flame Mountain Dungeon
-D9 element is obtainable from Lottery ticket (Job)
-Added magic pop and elements to Lottery reward list
Posted at 14.07.2017.
Welcome at Demonroad - Tera!
We have just opened our gates!

Server info:
-Cap: 90
-EXP/SP rate: 30x
-Mastery: 300
-Race: Chinese only
-Jangan fortress only
-Max plus: 12
-Dungeon based (rare items can be obtained from Flame Mountain)
-Capture the Flag based (Obtained Arena Coins can be spent to avatars, sun weapons and other valuable items)
-Job based (NPC thieves and hunters can drop Lottery tickets which can be exchanged to rare items)
-Old crafting system

Pre-sale: If you buy Silk (DP) before the grand opening date, we will give you +25% more! (From 2017 July 6 to July 9, methods: Paypal and Bitcoin)

Public roadmap (informations about the server and the upcoming updates):

Posted at 01.07.2017.
Players online: 138 / 1000
Server Started: 2017.07.09
Job: 81% 6% 13%
IP limit: 2
Jangan fortress: DeathCouncil
Public roadmap: Link

Server info:
Client Version: 192
Exp Rate: 30x
Party exp rate: 30x
Job exp rate: 5x
Gold drop rate: 20x
Item drop rate: 20x
Cap: 90
Mastery: 300
Race: Chinese
Max plus: 12

GM Team: